Some Excellent Resources for x264, HD Movies & Tv Shows

Here are a few excellent site that I’ve come across, which are great resources for x264 HD Movies and Tv Shows.


First up some Imformative sites: |  Excellent source of information and home of x264. |  Details ever setting and function of x264. |  this site provide information on new release from Private HD trackers. |  Great site, home of encoder group Framestor & Flawless. |  Provide information on Private Trackers, such as if and when they’re open for registration.


Next Sites were you can get Movies and Tv Shows etc….:

for the following sites you’ll need premium account with a file hosting site like: Netload, HotfileRapidshare etc…. as it will speed thing up immensely. |  The King of these sites   | Excellent site for Tv Shows


Next UseNET site:

Super fast download speeds, but you will need an account with usenet provider, such as Usenet-News. they are excellent.  | very very good resource.


Next up are Bit Torrent site:

Some of these site are open to new registration and some are not at the moment anyway.  | Home of release groups – xander, deciBel, HiFi, D-Zon3, FoRM, de[42], FTW-HD |  Home of release groups – Framestor, Flawless, HDME, INtL |  Home of release groups – GAiA, Flx, WiHD  | Not home to any particular group but has a lot to offer  | Excellent site numerous movies, tv shows and unique releases |  Another Excellent tracker with lots on offer |  Home of release groups – EuReKa, HiDT and more


Requiem 1.9.5 released for iTunes 9.2

Requiem 1.9.5 released for iTunes 9.2, it can be gotten from the Requiem site see post –



UPDATE: It appears that this update seems to be a small bit buggy for some user, particularly user running Snow Leopard it seems . SO I would recommend not to change if the older version of Requiem is still working for you.


How To Simply and Quickly Remove DRM from iTunes Video/Music

Requiem 1.9.4 released for iTunes 9.1.1 or 9.1

A new version of Requiem 1.9.2 has been release to work with iTunes 9.1.1 or 9.1

Download link – Requiem 1.9.2

See post –

How To Simply and Quickly Remove DRM from iTunes Video/Music

Fix slow Start-up or Shutdown issue for Snow Leopard

Here is a quick tip that might help you if you are having issues with Snow Leopard slow start-up or shutdown.


Slow start-up or shutdown can be caused by the kernal prelinking failing, because the root account is not assigned to the startup volume’s root directory.


The fix is Simple


Open Terminal and input the following commands | hit enter after each line.


sudo chown root:admin /

(type your password and hit the return key)

sudo kextcache -system-prelinked-kernel

sudo kextcache -system-caches


You should now see improved start-up and shutdown speeds, if not then your problem is caused by something else sorry.

How to setup and use Jdownloader to download Movies, Tv shows, Music etc…

Jdownloader is a very simple, quick, efficient tool to use for all download purpose. It runs on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. After the initial setup it is as simple as CLICK, LOAD, DOWNLOAD.
What you need
  • Jdownloader
  • Either: Direct links OR .dlc container links (which contain encrypted links to movie/tv shows/music etc…) | You will need to know where to find them, there are numerous forums out there. Google is your friend.
  • A premium account with a popular Hosting site will make things a lot faster but is not a necessity. | I use Netload & Hotfile myself as I find them the best. Popular Hoster ( Rapidshare, MegasharesMegaupload.
Here is a quick tutorial
1 – Download Jdownloader from here
2 – Start jDownloader, Install, Check for updates.
3 – Settings ; click on ” Settings ” Tab : click on ” Pugins & addons ” section, This will then allow you to setup any premium accounts you want. Just accept the ones you want. Then go to the Premium tab and enter account details. THAT IS REALLY ALL THE SETUP THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE AFTER THIS IT IS JUST CLICK, LOAD, DOWNLOAD.
Download the .dlc cotainer for any film you want (from your favorite forum)
4 – Now go to LinkGrapper tab. Load the dlc Container file. It will check that all links are online. If all links are online then hit continue button (when you hit continue it will add to download list) 5 – Go to Download tab. This is were your download list is. you can download all files from here. set download speeds. number of downloads at the same time etc… AND THEN START DOWNLOAD. VERY VERY SIMPLE. I hope this little tutorial helps anyone who is having difficulty understanding how to use this great tool.

Jdownloader and .dlc container video tutorial

(Screenshots are from Mac OS x version, The windows versions appearance might differ a small bit but it is still the same process.)
Please say Thanks if you find this helpful

How to Simply Decrypt and Rip Blu-Rays on Mac OS X and Windows

Here is a very quick tutorial on Ripping a Bluray disc (AACS or BD+ protected) on Mac OS X or Windows.

You will need –

A Blu-ray Drive | Either internal or external

MakeMkv | Download lastest version Here

(you will also need to download the .SQV database file here for BD+ protected Blu-Rays, in MakeMkv Presences you need to point to the file under the BD+ tab)

Step 1,

Get Blu-Ray, put it in Blu-Ray drive, connect to computer and Open MakeMkv.

Step 2,

MakeMkv will recognise Blu-Ray.

It will then allow you to rip it and it will remux it in to an MKV container on your hard drive.

Step 3,

Hit the DVD to hard button.

MakeMkv will then scan the disc for protection used, chapters, audio, video etc…

Step 4,

You will then be able to select the video, audio, subtitles tracks you wish to decyrpt and rip.

you can also select output folder.

Hit Make Mkv button.

Sit back and let it Decrypt and Rip the Blu-Ray.

Then you will have a .MKV file that can be played on your Computer, media player etc…



IF you have any issue with MakeMkv please see the support Forum Here

(Please note that MakeMkv is in beta and Free at the moment, but when it comes out of beta might be a paid for application.

Also BD+ protection requires the .sqv database fil, which is constantly being update with new Blu-Rays so keep it up to date)

If my tutorials are of any help to you then please leave a comment, if even just to say thanks.

Use tsMuxeR on Snow Leopard

This is a quick tutorial on how to get the great tool tsMuxeR to work on Snow Leopard.

There are a few reaons why tsMuxeR will not run under Snow Leopard.

1) GUI is not working due to an incompatibility in the qtlib.

Problem solved with new GUI – link Below

2) tsMuxeR is not working due to fonts interpretations problem.
You will get a ‘bus error’ when trying to execute the command in command-line mode.
The problem is due to 2 particulars korean fonts supplied in Snow Leopard.

To solve the problem, delete or rename
the two following fonts :

AppleMyungjo.ttf and Gungseouche.ttf

They are located in /Library/Fonts
When done, the tsMuxeR command Line should Work.

New Working Version
Based on these problems, here is a custom built GUI by someone called VoxMac with the original tsMuxeR 1.10.6 added inside the application.

TsMuxer Snow Leopard Download


The Information for the post  came from the SmartLabs Blog:

SmartLabs Blog

SmartLabs Website